Lilly – Maternity

Lilly came 3 hours to see me and she’s due any day with her sweet little girl now, so I know she is stoked she was able to still squeeze in her maternity session. Just in time too for those beautiful sunflowers to bloom!19477565_10159325090630179_1162378539241600905_o19488549_10159325091150179_754522051159477279_o19488585_10159325090530179_1213079045238264531_o19488846_10159325092830179_5658774586354873832_o19554318_10159325091840179_3669428390665381032_n19620933_10159325094330179_1334166758991752635_o19621347_10159325092440179_2043035835882871651_o19656907_10159325092205179_6301370255351638585_n19667841_10159325094160179_7051296513621141655_o19693523_10159325093770179_6238823223167591277_o19693556_10159325090615179_7426318465916050334_o19702581_10159325094645179_6409492194092964782_o


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