Hood Family

One of my favorite little families. I’ve captured little Winston in mama’s belly, I’ve done Winston’s birth and multiple family photos thus far. Thanks for always keeping me busy Taylor, and letting me love on your family and capture sweet memories for you.20229252_10159462261010179_9216271929743652235_n20245600_10159462264565179_8040833544097742717_n20245693_10159462267880179_2061811552244422772_n20246059_10159462268170179_1680057524789172674_n20246287_10159462269845179_6317838409136978803_n20246452_10159462261025179_3722618215004455561_n20258320_10159462268040179_8426118430990596835_n20258358_10159462264510179_2265854473162182974_n20264949_10159462269415179_736552970988367086_n20374361_10159462261005179_1541018007635851507_n


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